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  1. unionlawns

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    from NC
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    looking to buy walk behind vacuum.which models are best and why?The new billy goat looks nice!going to be used for leaves,etc..:usflag:
  2. unionlawns

    unionlawns LawnSite Member
    from NC
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    nobody runs these vacuums?:confused:
  3. lawnspecialties

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    Not sure but would love to see some responses myself. Repost this in the commercial lawn mowing section for more feedback.
  4. Stinky Pete

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    Are you looking at the new Billy Goat "MV"? I've got one and I like it. It's good for cleaning up small yards and parking lots. If I've got more than that I use my Force (wheeled blower) and a loader. The bagging system is AWESOME. No zippers and easy to dump! I got the self propelled version and it's stout. The only drawback I see on the unit is that I wish the bag could hold more. In thick leaves it can fill quickly. Weight and size wise it would be hard to handle if it held more leaves though.

    Yes I do want my cake and to eat it too. ;)
  5. nc-native

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    For the occasional parking lot cleanup a walk behind is good. You'll find that you will quickly out grow a walkbehind vac if you take on anything larger than a residental unit. Might want to gander at a tail gate mount vac or even a Little Wonder street blower. Purchase the optional pickup hose and "tada" you have a vac that will shoot leaves into the bed of your trailer/pickup truck as well as a fine blower that can help gather them up.
  6. Golden Boy

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    Billy goat walk behind all the way to the bank

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