Val-Pak is it worth it

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JML, Nov 7, 2000.

  1. JML

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    Have any of your guys advertised with Val-Pak, was it worth it, how many lawns did you get. And last off how much did it cost you. Thanks

  2. Barkleymut

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    Val-Pak was the avenue I used when I started my biz. It worked ok. Not great not bad. I got some good long term customers and fairly profitable one time deals. Don't offer too much of a discount with your coupons. It cost about $500 for 20,000 direct mails.
  3. jeffyr

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    Do you read through all the val-pack ads you get at home ?
    I asked everyone I know when I was thinking of doing this. Not enough people look at them, and I feel they are WAY too large of an advertising area. You could be picking up jobs at the far ends of their coverage in all directions.

  4. Samurai WeedWacker

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    Yellow pages and seasonal newspaper ads are the only forms of advertising I've found to be worthwhile. Have never tried val-pak, they're too expensive.
  5. Toddppm

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    I tried them once, didn't like it at all. partly because of the saleswoman trying to sell me a more expensive ad than i needed, gave me a generic looking POS.......and it was expensive. I advertise in a coupon book where all the ads stay together, you don't have to open an envelope. I can pick my areas and keep it pretty tight. It's expensive too $255 per 10,000 but after people have seen your name a few times it starts to work like gangbusters. I've been doing it for 2 years now and every time one goes out i can't keep up with the calls. I dropped my newspaper ads couple months ago and never missed them. The coupon books and 2 different yellow pages is all i'm using now. Might drop the Big YP next year.
  6. yardsmith

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    thought about val pak (for about a minute) then decided NO WAY MAN!!!!!!
    In my area it was about $750 for ONE mailing! Plus it went into all the areas of town, including lots of areas I don't care to frequent,=wasted advertising. YP & flyers are much better in being selective of service areas & marketing demographics.
  7. jaclawn

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    I have never done it, but have one thought. Most of the stuff in the val-pak is coupons, pizza, dry cleaning, oil changes... People know this, and open it to see what kind of discount they can get. If they see your lawn care ad in there, they just may want to see some kind of offer in there. Is this the type of customer that you want to attract? If you have attended the LawnSite School for any length of time, you know that the answer is NO.

    It does seem to be a relativly inexpensive way to reach a large number of prospective customers.


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  9. Toddppm

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    from VA
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    Seems like the only ones who use them here are the bigger quality companies, not lowballers. Once in a while i'll see a new co. in there but not for long! The lowballers can't afford it and then can't keep up with all the low price work they sold. Funny how alot of people will call from these ads and expect you to bid on a $50 job done yesterday though, i've been getting alot better at weeding these people out over the phone!

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