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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Ahartlawns, Nov 8, 2018.

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    Hello Everyone, I'm 28 living and operating out of Phoenix, AZ. I'm a one man operation that just opened it's doors 3 short months ago. I have been in the business my entire life as my father owns a landscape company. I just took over the lawn care side of the company as he just didn't have the time and I didn't like seeing us turn down all that business. Looking forward to sharing and learning all types of trade tips here and hopefully meeting some great people. Thanks
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    A big :waving:from Texas. Welcome aboard
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    Welcome to the lawnSite.
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    Welcome to the site from a former VOS'er
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    Yes hate turning away work, not even because of just a few lost yards. But it doesn't help business image if people keep getting turned away.
    Good luck with it.
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    This was my thought exactly. Now he can refer them to me and I'll send the bigger jobs to him that end up coming my way. Sure don't want people not calling because we can't handle all of their needs.
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    I don’t understand
    You say you’re only in business 3 months but your dad started the business and you’ve been doing it your whole life?

    Did you rename the business or did you mean you just took over the reigns?

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