Value 06' Bobcat T180 w/ cab??

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by KrayzKajun, Sep 17, 2013.

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    Went today and looked at the machine, they were putting the motor back together. I got the full story on what happened. The machine got backed into a ditch. The guy who rented it thought he had flushed the motor/compartment out good, but he didn't and had sand in the oil pan. Which inturn caused them to spin the crank shaft. Machine is in amazing shape with new sprockets, tracks, etc.

    I made him offer lower than what he told me. Once he gets it put back together he is letting take for a week free of charge to demo on a few jobs and running my sandbag attachment. I'll update when I can.
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    FWIW, in October of 2012, I paid $23,500 for my 2006 T300 with Gold Package, high flow, 860 on the clock and complete service history. The undercarrage was in good shape but she needed some new rubber at a cost of around 4K. The previous owner used it extensively on concrete so the tracks weren't a surprise. There were a few odds and ends that needed attention but nothing serious. The most costly single part was a new refrigeration hose for the A/C. I'm thinking I have around $550 in parts which has me at ~28K for a low-hour CTL.
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    20k is waaaaaay too high for that.
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    I would also think you would want something bigger. That's not much of machine for disaster clean up. I have no experience in that really, but I would think you would want a large frame machine, something that can move large amounts of material, large trees and debris. The T190/180 are pretty anemic, fine for landscaping but certainly not for production type operations which disaster clean up certainly would be (at least in my view). I have rented T190's and found them totally worthless for HD dirt moving type operations.

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