Value of a service tech or sales?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Flow Control, Jan 31, 2007.

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    I am in the market for a salesperson and also one, possibly two service techs or one full and the other part time. Here is what I am figuring. Tell me what you think and remember it is 8 months out of the year.

    Sales: 10% flat commission plus service when it slows down in the middle of the summer if they want @ $20 per billable hour.

    Service: I was hoping for someone in the 25-30K (salary) range depending on experience.

    In the off season they can do what ever they want for employment.

    I am not a large west coast or southern irrigation company that does millions per season and has money to waste. Cost of living is on the affordable side. If you look around you can still find a home in a working class neighborhood for low 100's.
  2. Flow Control

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    Give me some idea's if I am way off. I talked to someone (service tech) yesterday that was looking for 50-60K and I could not believe it. Did I just talk to some random guy that thinks we are all rich and oozing with money. Or what.
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    Ask yourself a question first , Would you take a service tech job on those conditions .
    If you get a good man ,the 4 months off he will find a better job , better to set him up on salary plus a cut of the service bill , he will produce more if it benifits him.

    As far as sales , 10 to 15 per cent is normal , a draw against commission is also pretty normal . Now can you handle the volume if you find a good salesman?

    As far as 50K being a lot , if he is making you money on top of that , no its not .
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    Yes I would instead of getting paid 12-15hr which is typical for hourly service tech in the area.

    The figure of 25-30 was salary. My thinking is if he has been in the industry for X years he would have found the better job by now if they were out there, and I offer my employees free dibs on soliciting my customers for plowing. The cut of the service sales is a fair idea and I will use it in negotiations if necessary.

    That is exactly what I told him and said that possible sales or anything he brings to the table would be up and above. A decent size irrigation only company in this area is in the 250-350k annual sales range. That is why I balked at his idea of 50-60k salary.

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