Value of Briggs engines

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by shopteacher, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. shopteacher

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    I have a lot of Briggs engines, newer than 1985 on up to late 90's or so. I am debating what to ask for them on ebay, and when to sell them.
    I figure for a good 12 horse flat head with decent compression and starter should bring about $150 plus cost of delivery.
    I also have several 18 horse opposed twins. What do you think about $250 in good running condition, plus delivery?

    Also, what about parting them out? Blocks, cranks, starters, carbs, etc???????????????

    Thanks, you guys are all gear heads just like me. You ain't workin' hard unless you come in from the barn at midnight covered with grease!!!!!
    Yea, you gotta love it!!!
  2. khouse

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    I would have to say just search ebay for the pricing. You could run an add like will sell whole or part. I know if you had Kohler K series you would do a little better.

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