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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 93Chevy, May 16, 2010.

  1. 93Chevy

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    I'm just wondering how much you guys value your employees? Do you treat them like you're "best asset" or do you believe all they're good for is causing problems? Just wanted to see how some of you view your employees.

    Also, another tricky question...if you have a terrible mowing account, just one that sucks to mow, and an employee threatened to quit if you didn't drop the account, how would you handle that?
  2. tjlco

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    I think I treat my guys well, without them I would be making less money for sure...however the problem I find is when they think they are better than you or can't be replaced....I have a guy like that, thinks he's God's gift to trimmer men or something. Now don't get me wrong he's good, but can replaced tomorrow if need be...

    Oh and I think in this economy, no employee is going to quit over 1 account, and I suppose this would depend on account....they are easily replaced...
  3. nepatsfan

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    I am very fortunate to have good employees. That being said, I dont think a good employee will threaten to quit if you dont dump an account. I never let them get to comfortable and point out shortcomings as well as praise. I find that when all you do is praise them they feel as though they are irreplacable. I give out bonuses for jobs done ahead of schedule.
  4. MrRob

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    Don't let your employees run your business. I'd make him mow that account until he quit! I doubt that's the only reAson he wants to quit.
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  5. MrRob

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    Just to add we went thru a huge turnover this year. our best and longest employee decided he was more valueable than everyone else and tried to call off sick a lot. We had to make an example out him and let him go. I went thru a few days training new guys and thought what a metals I made. After a few tough weeks we found 2 guys that are leaps and bounds over our old guy. So needless to say, everyone is replacable.
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  6. grassman177

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    they are very replaceable and two of our guys found out in their last meeting on their performance and behavior the other day. we had applications in hand to show them how fast (less than one day) others are willing to fill the money making position they have currently.

    no one tells me how to run the business, one of our best who has been around for 5 years was starting to do this and we had a very blunt sit down with him and everyone else near the start of the season and it has been better ever since.
  7. 93Chevy

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    Thanks for all the replies. I was looking for a differing range of opinions...but it seems as though so far, anyway, everybody feels about the same. Necessary, but replaceable. I'm a few credits shy of graduating with a degree in human resource management. I've already taken all the "hard" classes, I just have to make up a few core credits online by December. Buy anyway, it's interesting to compare what they teach us at school to the real world.
  8. topsites

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    I wouldn't force my employee to do something I wouldn't touch myself,
    so either I drop the account or they can quit and I'll do it.

    So which one's it going to be, you want me to do it to see if we should drop the account, or are you quitting?
    Damn straight, I lay my cards on the table.

    Perhaps you could have said as much to begin with, I'm wondering if I'm supposed to feel
    like I've been tricked and deceived into giving out the answer but perhaps that's not the case...?

    And no, employees are neither necessary nor replaceable, to me most of them
    are completely worthless, I have no employees and at one time I would have
    hired the right one if they ever came along but I got tired of weeding so I've
    been doing it all myself for the past 4-5 years and don't intend on hiring ever again.

    Now there's a real world view to take back to that dang class room of yours lol.
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  9. 93Chevy

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    I wasn't trying to trick anybody into giving away secrets. Justed wanted to get an idea of how different employers viewed their most valuable asset. :waving:
  10. 93Chevy

    93Chevy LawnSite Fanatic
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    Just thought I might brings this thread back for a few new opinions.

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