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Value of old plants for insurance.


LawnSite Member
How do you determine the value of a plant that is about 20-25 years old?

I have been contacted by an insurance co. to give them an estimate for fixing/replacing a landscape and lawn. They were destroyed when someone wrecked their truck into this guys property. There are yews that are about 3 ft tall and 6-8 ft wide. There is also blue rug junipers that were about 8 ft wide. Lastly there was an old juniper that is about 10 ft tall and 6 ft wide.

What would be the best way to determine to value of these since you cannot buy fully mature plants of this size that I know of? I have checked the local nurseries and no one seems to be able to help.

I think this gentlemen has every right to insist that his landscape look the same. I don't think he would accept installing small plants unless we install them in multiples to make them grow together to look the same size as they were before.

Any suggestions would be helpful.



LawnSite Senior Member
Look under tree services and see if there are any consulting arborists around. Or look on the International Society of Arboriculture website to find one. There are formulas for trees they may also have some for shrubs since those are so big. They may help you over the phone or you might have to pay, but might be worth it to get the job. Just make sure you charge for the estimate if it costs you in case they don't like the appraisal.


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Flint, Michigan
This is so WEIRD because I just had a guy TODAY ask me about this because last night some gal just wiped out a big Lilac bush in his back yard!


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S. Jersey
You can call your extension office and see if they have a listing or address of assoc. in your area. Try going to nurseries to get an idea as well.


LawnSite Senior Member
I did some shrub replacement for a guy that his garage had burnt down. The shrubs in question were about 15 years old. I did the work at my price. Then the guy was able to get added value from the insurance company over my installation price due to the loss in appearence of the aged shrubs against the new ones.

That was between the guy and his insurance. I replaced the shrubs with the biggest, closest, possible shrubs available. He might only have simple replacement costs, at which they might say a yew is a yew, not a 12" yew is not the same as a 4' yew. Who knows about insurance, accept the agent, and he will not tell you until he can say "Your not covered".

I think, if the insurance company is wanting a price out of you, then you need to ask them what THEY want. They are the customer, not the insured claim. If they are willing, you can get whatever you want somewhere.