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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by lnjr, May 30, 2008.

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    My parents have a Simplicity Conquest - 16-HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard V-Twin engine. Hydrostatic / foot controlled automatic transmission; Free floating mower deck with full width rollers; Infinite height of cut adjustment; Quick hitch attachment removal system with mechanical spring assist attachment lift; Padded, soft grip steering wheel; Easy adjust 15” high-back seat; Cruise control; Four headlight illumination; Automatic Controlled Traction and differential lock; Heavy-duty attachment lift lever; 16” front/23” rear 4 ply tires; 2 cylinder with electronic ignition; 18” turning radius; Low effort steering. This unit has 155 hours of use on it and there is also a 42” snow/dozer blade and rear weights and carrier available for it as well.

    They are getting older and no longer mow their own lawn so they thought that we might be interested in it since we just moved and are going to either have to get someone to mow our property or do it ourselves. Does anybody know how much this would be worth (we would want to pay them a fair price for the unit):confused:


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    You are going to need to know the year of the tractor.

    Go to a couple of dealers and have them give you a Blue Book value. Best to look for a dealer that takes trades.
    If they say a blue book doesn't exist, move along, and go to the next dealer.

    I didn't take trades, but customers asked all the time "what's it worth?" So I got a Blue Book every year for the shelf. (About $55-$75 a year - available as an online subscription, too.)
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    I already tried the dealers around here and nobody takes trades which is why I decided to ask that question here.

    Knowing the year of the tractor won't be a problem since my parents ordered the one they wanted and bought it new and I know my mother and she has all the receipts for it as well.
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    i take it its a 44" deck? i have last years blue book, so adjust prices somewhat, but...
    those are the only three years they put a 16 Briggs in. for the blade maybe 300. All those prices are trade-in at "low or rough" value.
    If you go to a simplicity dealer, your likely to get a little more. Those conquests are nice tractors...
  5. lnjr

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    Thanks for the information. I greatly appreciate it. I did check with my parents and it is a 2004. And yes, it does have the 44" cutting width. I thought that I had included that information but forgot to.

    I didn't realize it but they also have rear weights and chains, dump cart and mulcher/shredder kit for this unit as well. My father also said that there is a spreader but I was looking through the brochures and did not see any spreader so I'm not sure what he is talking about in regards to that item.

    I greatly appreciate the information because even though my parents said that we could pretty much just have it, we want to be sure to give them what it is worth.

    Thanks Again for the info.:waving:
  6. Grass Happens

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    no problem, your going to get yourself a pretty sweet mowing machine!
  7. lnjr

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    Thanks again, I greatly appreciate it!!!

    Have a Great Day!

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