Value of: Tru-green international truck "hippo body"

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by johnsonslawnmanagement, Oct 12, 2012.

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    Local guy that fixes wrecks bought a TG truck at auction. Runs great, straight truck, just has a busted brake caliper. Has the fiberglass hippo bed with 3 tanks, 2 hose reels, rear spreader compartment, and rear dry product storage. Not really interested in the truck but curious what to offer on the bed? All the normal sabatoging has been done to hoses, agitation lines, wiring, and tanks ; along with removal of PTO pump and hose reel motors. I was considering stripping the interior and trying to salvage the tanks, hose reels, and maybe some of the plumbing for my nurse tank setup for my Z sprays. Possibly reset up bed and install on a Mitsubishi fuso I have. Any criticisms or pricing insight to the bed/ truck would be helpful.
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    when i buy them we pay no more than 500 for a complete body, if the shell isnt leaking and its a newer body style (00 and newer there worth a bit more.

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