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    I'm looking at buying this mower. It's an '05 with low hours(70ish). Tru Trak sulkey. Hydro. Floating deck. 17 hp Kawi. 52in deck.

    Anybody have anything good/bad to say about a proline?

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    Yeah but mine's a 48" gear-drive T-bar fixed deck...
    It's not the same thing, but my experience with Toro Wb's overall:
    - Pros is for light debris this machine cleans up extremely well, the air flow under the deck comes out of that chute with almost backpack blower force. Unless it's heavy leaves, I've had more mowers leave a mess but the Toro windrows real good.
    - Cons is that same design makes it so it doesn't always cut so good... Takes some playing around and getting used to, it's definitely a one-of-a-kind mower but with some practice it does leave a nice finish, also the floating decks tend to be better at finish quality than the fixed decks.

    I'd say for an 'O5 float deck hydro, hmmm...
    I don't know, gear-drive floating decks sell for around 4g, what's a hydro 5?
    Assuming they're 5g new I'd say expect to pay a good 3 thousand, that one looks to be in pretty nice shape, he might even ask more for it but I think 3400-3600 at the most, maybe with the velke and he's got a bagger.

    If they're more like 6 thousand then expect to pay 4, it's only 3 years old but it also looks hardly used (unless the pic fools me).
    In comparison my '05 looks rougher, but if I washed it up real good and didn't take any close-up shots it might still look like that.

    What's he asking for it?

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    He's asking $4,200, so he's got it priced pretty good.

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