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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by weeze, Jan 17, 2012.

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    my manual says to adjust the valves on my engine every 300hrs. i have 125hrs or so on my mower right now. many have said to do this to keep the engine running good. i saw some videos on youtube and it seems like an easy process to do on your own. do you guys do it on your own or do you take it to the dealer for this kind of maintenance? how much does the dealer charge on average? or is it best to just do it yourself since it's pretty easy to do? seems all i would need to buy is a feeler guage. where do you buy those? does anyone know the measurements the valves are supposed to be at on a 26hp kawi fx engine? i've done all other maintenance myself so far and i'm mechanically inclined. this looks like it would be really easy to do. thanks for any input.

    here's the videos showing a vtwin briggs engine and a honda pushmower engine:


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    It is really simple and your engines manuf. website should have engine specs, etc., and the tools you can get at any tool Store or a local Snap-on or Mac tools guy..
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    Napa, Advance Auto, Aut Zone etc.
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    I am not sure this would be a good place to start working on the insides of the engine. You can screw up badly if done wrong. It should cost less than $50.
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    can't really mess it up. i mean you loosen the nut then use the guage to tell you how far to tighten it then tighten the nut back down. pretty simple. did you watch the video? i think that's easier than changing a spark plug almost. :laugh:
  6. weeze

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    found it on the jd website in the owner's manual

    Model Z920A

    Make Kawasaki

    Engine Model Number FX730V

    Displacement 726cc (44.3 cu. in.)

    Cylinders Two

    Bore 78 mm (3.1 in.)

    Stroke 76 mm (3.0 in.)

    Compression Ration 8.2:1

    Speed, Fast Idle 3600 +/- 100 rpm

    Speed, Slow Idle 1700 +/- 150 rpm

    Valving OHV

    Oil Filter Screw On Type

    Cooling Type Air

    Air Cleaner Dual Stage Heavy Duty Air Cleaner

    Spark Plug Gap 0.76 mm (0.030 in.)

    Spark Plug Torque 22 N•m (16 lb-ft)

    Ignition Coil Air Gap 0.20-0.40 mm (0.008-0.016 in.)

    Valve Adjustment Clearance 0.05-0.10 mm (0.002-0.004 in.)
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    Are you done adjusting them yet?

    There was a post on this exact same thing a few days ago. The guy had somehow turned a 10 minute valve adjustment into a 4 hour ordeal. Some people.
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    What, no timing wheel? LOL

    They are easy to do. Just make sure the valve is closed. You can spin the engine over and watch the rocker arm push the valve open and closed. Just make sure the valve is all the way closed before you make any adjustments.
  9. scagman52

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    Messages: 406 say you are mechanically inclined but yet you do not no where to buy a feeler gauge. The process is fairly simple but if you do it wrong you end up with bent valves. If you'r not sure I would let the dealer do it especially if it is under warranty
  10. Green Machine Mowing

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    Did anyone see the spec for them? .002 to .004" Most feeler gauges dont go that thin, OP make sure your does before you buy one and or pop the valve covers. Second if the people who design, manufacture and warranty the engine say 250 Hrs. why on gods green earth would you go at half the interval?

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