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    Yesterday I started laying my main line from the pump to the valve box, once I made it to where box will sit I realized something. The sides of the box has holes in it for the line to run through, but I need my 4 lines to come out of the box where there isnt any holes.

    Its a standard size residential valve box, the hardware store said it would hold 4 valves. Should I buy 3 more boxes and have each valve in its on or am I missing something?

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    Take a hacksaw and notch out where you need outlet holes.
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    Well the old lady zipping chesebags on this site would tell you 1 valve 1 jumbo box.....Friend, that IMHO is oveboard/overkill/over cost/over labor...see my threads....i can stuff up to 6 valves in some type of 6inch valve boxes with flares...all of which i can service in 1 hr any problem said done fixed.....

    see my threads and try it my will like it...
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    If you're manifolding small valves then you just need to set them (making sure they'll all fit within the confines of the box), turn the box sideways, mark the outlet pipe locations and either cut individual notches or one big one depending on how everything sets. The more you cut out of the box the weaker the interity of the box might be but this will only be a problem if something drives over it.

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    Oue advice requires a pic of your finished product.:)
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    People still use hacksaws?


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    A man should never lose his hacksaw skills.
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    We $1500 a zone boys use a drill press!:laugh:
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    I've upgraded to a CNC.
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    No lasers?

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