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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by haulinbass, Mar 8, 2000.

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    okay i think we found the problem with engine running like crap and no brakes. we took the valve covers off and one of the rocker arms has a hole in it and the keeper that i guess holds the the valve on the spring is broke. how do we fix this? i'm thinking maybe the valve is bent? do i have to pull the head? and how do i get the valve connected back to the spring? is there a special tool i need to compress the sring? anyway how do i go about fixing this problem it? the valve is either stuck open or stuck closed right? grateful for any help....h-bass
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    You sawwed through a rocker! I doubt the valve is bent,your lucky the other keeper didnt pop out,and then it would've swallowed the valve.$$$$.It sounds like the motor is on its last legs or its a cheap rebuild.You need a spring compressor,about 30 bucks to buy.If you have an air compressor,you can pressurize the cylender to hold valve shut while you chang springs and keepers,use a magnet at every oil drain or so when you drop one it'll stop it.If you dont have acompressor,get a thin rope and get that cyl. near BDC slip in as much rope as you can through sparkplug hole,then turn engine with a bar until it locks up,with the rope holding the valve shut.Slowly release the valve and dont drop it until you know the rope is holding it.You should replace all the rockers and balls now or next month it will happen on another cyl,and so on.This job is a PITA,and requires patience,good luck.Getting the keepers back in is the hardest part.DO not drop them in the motor,it gets ugly at that point-wrenches go flying and a 500 a month new truck payment starts looking good.<p>----------<br>John D<br>
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    thanks for the info john. its big trouble in river city. the valve is bent. and so is the rocker arm. and as soon as we tear into i'm sure we will find trouble with the piston as well. whats next? rebuild? you were right that $500 a month truck payment doesn't sound so bad. thanks again.....h-bass
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    If the truck is worth it, buy a light duty 350 goodwrench engine. it will cost about 12-1400$ and is much cheaper than a rebuild plus you get a 3 yr 50K warranty<br>Dino

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