Valve Wiring Issue

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Paris Landscaping Company, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Paris Landscaping Company

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    Hey fellas i have 4 valves manifolded about 200 ft from the controller. None of them are working. I know its not the common because the valves on down the line are coming on fine. Do i have any other options other than running complete new wire to those 4 valves?
  2. hoskm01

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    May be not the common (per se) but the connection to the common in the box?
  3. Wet_Boots

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    have you done electrical testing on the wiring?
  4. 1idejim

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    perform a short to earth measurement on the common and the valve wires. never rule out a common wire as it could be T-d in the field. :)
  5. Mike Leary

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    Words to live by. I've gone on calls of the same m.o. as the threadster and found a splice in a pit box, wiggled it, and the valves came on. Gosh, am I good! :cool2:
  6. Paris Landscaping Company

    Paris Landscaping Company LawnSite Member
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    Yea i have done some testing and i have 26V at the controller and all other valves except for these for 4 right in the middle of the yard. No clue where to go with this one. I dont wanna run those wires thru the yard but who knows i might have to. The electrical is terrible on this thing. Its only 3 years old and already has major problems the guy did water proof any connections.
  7. mitchgo

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    Trace backwards from the valve box to find your wire break
  8. hoskm01

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  10. Inspired

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    Running new wire is for pussies. :waving:

    Is the wire bundle a multi-conductor cable or a bunch of single wires?

    I'll bet the common is "T"-d near the valves that don't work, or maybe in one of the boxes. 4 valves not working in one area sounds like a "common" problem to me.

    Without a TDR and assuming you have ohm-d each station and have no continuity, I would disconnect the control wires at the manifold area (make sure you mark them with the station numbers first) and then using a jumper, ohm them all two at a time and identify the wire(s) with faults / bad connection(s).

    Then starting at the valve box, hook the tracer (521) up to the faulted wire(s) and trace back toward the controller.

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