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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by ArTurf, Sep 8, 2011.

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    Why not install a particulate filter as opposed to messing around with valves.

    We see a lot of dirty lake and canal water down here (as you can see). They come in different sizes and formats, disk and sand being more common (at least down my neck of the woods). You'll need to determine what is best for your site. Given the number of valves and volume of water, it sounds like you may want self cleaning sand filters.

    I've installed disk filters on large HO residential common properties and sand on agricultural.

    I don't have a pictures of the disk filters on residential, but here's one we installed a couple of years ago at an orange grove in Martin County about to be re-planted. Below that is a canal picture of the type of dirty water we typically encounter on a regular basis (yes we fixed the break).

    Not all dirty water sites require filters. The canal site site on the bottom has Irritrol S-100 2" (scrubber) valves installed and is running Hunter PGP ADJ rotors. There's a lot of debate about these rotors, but they have been an economical and reliable dirty water head for me. I don't think they'll be adequate for a golf course, but FYI. We have not had any trouble with dirt or debris clogging the S-100 valves or the rotors.

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    Love these units. The TAF Series are the route we go for 10 hp pumps and under.

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