Valves next to hose bibs

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Marin Lawn Care, Jun 5, 2011.

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    Hey guys,
    One thing I'm noticing is lots of homes have their valves sticking up out of the ground mostly in the front of the house. I'm a bit green here but I'm wondering if this is laziness or is there a technical reason for it? Looks terrible. Is there a reason why valves and hose bibs are so close together?

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    Don't see a lot of above ground valves here. As to your second question, I know here it is quite common that the front hose bib on a house often times represents where the main water supply is coming in from the road. For example, if you go in the garage you will often see the main water supply line coming in and then going up to that first hose bib. The importance being that this is pretty much a dead giveaway as to where the main water supply is coming into the house (unregulated) without having to tap out at the street and have all your assembly there. This doesn't apply to hose bibs everywhere on the house because once it gets past that port of entry it is often times regulated somewhere and then goes to other parts of the house and other bibs.

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    I guess it is the easiest way to meet code. I don't think the way we did it in TX would meet code where you are. DCVAs inground with a jumbo box and valves scattered throughout the yard in 6" boxes. Sure made for a much better looking system.
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    Sprinkler Valves Are Beautiful and don't you forget it :hammerhead:
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    Never seen a install that looked worth a tinker's damn.
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    Thanks, this makes sense.

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    sounds like ASV's
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    SOP (standard operating procedure) in the central valley dude. Probably 80% or more of your residential irrigation systems will be ASV's run off either the main coming into the front of the house, or a hose bibb feed anywhere else.
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    Anti Siphon Valve

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