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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by bruces, Aug 6, 2001.


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    There's no reason why solo ops shouldn't be working out of a van for reasons mentioned above. Security,weather issues,ease of turning around, etccc. I've been using a van for 16 years.
  2. cclllc

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    I found this one on ebay.It is what I want exactly except maybe a chevy instead.

  3. Blessed 1

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    I just sold my Ranger that I was using to pull my trailer and I too am considering a cargo 1 ton van to pull my trailer with and also be able to store tools etc inside. I know that I am going to have something because I hate putting tools and hand held equip in my 2001 Expedition. Not to mention being dirty as all outdoors getting in my family transportation.
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    With a van you could attach a Jungle Jim timmer and blower rack on the outside?

    Attach it like a Bike rack on the front by the hood?

    If I keep up with this I'll be riding a bicycle with a wagon behind it!
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    Naw, if you put all your stuff on the outside, what point would there be in having a van at all? The whole point here was to get all your stuff inside out of the elements. And away from those prying fingers........

    Hey by the way, Merry Christmas to all! Hope yall had a good'un!

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    I currently use a 1983 1ton cargo van with a ladder rack for landscaping, pressurewashing, home improvements, etc. I can fit a riding mower, 2 push mowers, a weedeater, brooms, shovels, rakes, bags of grass and more inside with a 3rd person in the back. Another advantage to a cargo van is you don't have to unload when your done, you simply lock it up and leave it. I have access to both a dump trailer and utility trailer which have both worked well. I like the idea of having a truck, but I don't see any advantages. When I wake up I go out to my van and go to the job. There no loading required. If i need multch i hook up the trailer. It's much easier to do multching jobs with a dump trailer than a truck
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    if you get a cargo van, always do a full scan around the xterior before you drive, especially if it's dirty. Because somebody could write "FREE CANDY" in the dust!
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    Anybody realize this thread is 10 years old?
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    Yeah I noticed that.
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    so what ...lets see some updates ,who went with cubes and vans

    We actually started using cubes last year ourselves asnd its absolutely the best money we ever spent.
    we haul 2 -60'' ztrs in a 14'
    and in our 10' box we haul a 48'' walker and 2 push mowers
    we also do all of our fert and squirt in a 10' truck
    for people considering a box go as wide as you can ,there is nothing better then kissing a wall every time you step off the mowers.

    lets see pics

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