Vanair viper g80


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Thinking about pulling the trigger on one of these this week. Anyone here have one and use it for winterization?

grass disaster

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sunny minnesota
Not sure but I'm looking at a older viper 70
Anyone have any thoughts on these.
Thinking it'd be nice to have the compressor in the back of the truck while doing lawns, instead of tunning back for the pull behind.


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I used to rent a trailered Unit but it was hard to schedule everything with all the customers in a short amount of time so 5 years ago I bought a 30cfm Unit. It was definitely slower but really loved having it in the back of the pickup. I just bought a Ingersoll-Rand P90 skid unit and am anxious to try it this next week.
I don’t think you would be disappointed in the vanair viper, I was real close to buying one.