Vandal Proofing 'Cages'

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting, Jun 13, 2013.

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    I have a job coming up for the entry of a gated community. The HOA would like the fixtures to be installed with 'cages' over them to 'stop them from being vandalized' I have seen such things, usually over large HID floods in commercial applications, but have no clue on where to start looking for them.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.
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    The reason that they make those cages for the huge HID fixtures is because they are prime targets to vandals.. especially with their big glass lenses. I've always been under the impression( which has been confirmed over my 25 years of doing low voltage lighting) that there isn't much vandalism with our work. The sheer nature of smaller fixtures, that you can hide well within plants etc, put up in trees, etc. make for them not to be targeted so much, if at all. I'm wondering if the cages themselves will make them much more obvious.

    On commercial applications where there was a lot of public exposure to the fixtures, i simply used heavier duty stakes and made sure everything was secured well so that they couldn't be easily pulled up or moved.

    See what you can do to come up with a design that uses durable fixtures, set them such that they are well hidden/ protected by the landscape, etc., and try to sway them away from using cages over every fixture.

    One of our creeds in this industry is that the effect is seen, not the source... now we're going to see a cage on each light?? what would Bill Locklin say? ;-)
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    I am currently working on a design for a commercial building and they have major issues with the homeless vandalizing existing metal halide fixtures (looking for dark places to sleep).
    Does anyone have tips for installing uplights/pathlights that are resistant to tampering? I foresee a call from the client everytime a fixture gets kicked or not aimed correctly.
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    you're best bet may be to get some make by a local machine shop. I've never seen ones much smaller than the units that wrap over backflow preventers.

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