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  1. Snapper Jack

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    Anybody have any opinions on Vanguard 16HP? MY FB460V went south today,never could locate a back-up engine,found a 16 VG with about 300 hours,runs real good but adapting a muffler will be a job though.
  2. mowisme

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    Hopefully you'll get some advice today- All I know is that of the brigg's motors..Vangaurd is suppose to be the one to get. I had a twin 18hp VG..It ran awsome and it was a early one so sure had tons of hours. I personaly wouldn't hesitate on buying it. I'm sorry on your old kawi- I have couple and they are/were great little motors.
  3. Snapper Jack

    Snapper Jack LawnSite Senior Member
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    cam exhaust lope has some wear causing the E valve to open just a hair and close again before it's opening cycle ,engine would miss and backfire. Good engine but not worth fixing IMO
  4. Bumpmaster

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    Hate to speak about the whole fleet. But think: just by hear say, Vangaurd is the only real deal. :cool2:
  5. jiggz

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