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I've been thinking, instead of getting a different truck(i use a ford ranger now) about getting a van, put your mower and trimmer, 21" push mower right inside(i'm also a 1 man band)think about, it would be perfect. however let me know what you guys think, maybe i'm overlooking something.


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You are forgetting one thing. Gas fumes. I would not be able to stand being in a van with gas inside of it. Stick to a pickup


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When I first started out I had a van setup with a folding ramp on the back. Used to put a 48 in. w.b. a 21 in. push mower edger trimmer and blower. I put a divider between the seats and cargo area because of the gas fumes. Works pretty well except you have to pull everything out at each stop. One thing that was good was I was able to do lawns where you`d never be able to park a truck and trailer at because of traffic or other obstacles. I still have that vehicle which I use if I need to do an aeating or rototilling job or to run a machine to the dealer.


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new york
hey guys ... i use a van now with a trailer ..one good thing about it my stuff never gets wet ...we have been hit with numerous storms lately and even though i get wet ..my chemicals and most equipment stays dry ... also as a one man band ...my stuff is safe in the van all locked up when i do have to run in a shop some where .....<p>ricks lawns

AB Lawn Care

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VW makes a cool work van!I have seen a few that are owned by a local bottled water co.The VW van has 3 bucket seats in the front,the rear is sealed off from the cab(no gas smell)And it has a real wide rear barn door system.I am not sure if they come in a gas model becouse all of the van I have seen are diesel.I think they would make good lawn care vans.<p>P.S.the vans I am talking about are not the old hippie vans,but are late model vans.<p>----------<br>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care


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N.E. Wisconsin
I just saw a guy yesterday with a van. It sure was a different spin on a &quot;conversion&quot; van. He had a 96-97? Chevy conversion van with the nice windows and paint job but behind the front seat he had a homemade rack for the trimmer and hand blower and a spot for the lawn boy and gas cans.<br>Its quite a rig. I wonder how its gonna smell in there in a few weeks.

Tyler Nash

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Westerville, OH
I use my moms old conversion van from my mower. I am in college and most of the lawns I mow are in my neighborhood but until this summer I got about 6 new ones that I need to travel too. Fortunatly my mom got a new car and I use her old van we like to call, the &quot;hooptie&quot;. Works great for me. I drop an old blanket in the back to salvage the carpet. I use two boards and run the mower in the back of it. My 48 inch Exmark hydro fits perfectly. It does smell like ass in there but the only one who drives it now is me so I can put up with it.