Varying pricing by yard size

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by locke_thekey, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. locke_thekey

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    We are just getting starting here in Arkansas and the one point of argument I have consistently with my partner is how to price yards. We have pretty well landed on $35 for a 1/4 acre (or at least our size yard) but cant agree on what to price larger yards. I may be completely crazy but my thought is that the price per yard goes up with size and can get significantly higher if the yard is large.

    So if a 1/4 acre is $35, what do you charge for a 2 acre lot? I just want to make sure we arent losing our rears when we work large lots.

    I have seen tips to measure the yard and charge per square foot but that is a bit over the top in most cases I think.

    I will have a lot more questions but have been trying to read through the great topics already posted first.

    BTW, we plan to offer no less than a mow/blow/trim as the standard service.
  2. 32vld

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    I have a measuring wheel. Takes a couple of minutes to walk and measure.

    Then I price by the square foot.

    You take more time you need to get paid more.

    This is why you don't have partners.

    When you have neighbors that live side by side. One has a 10,000 sf lot. The other has a 11,000 sf lot. There property is different and they need to be charged different. Even if it takes you only 2 minutes more you should get paid the $2 more or whatever the amount comes to.
  3. Landrus2

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    If your partner wants to do a 2 acres for $35 I'm sure you will get lots of work but no profit A good start would be $150 to $200 per visit:waving:
  4. locke_thekey

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    Thanks for the feedback. My partner doesn't want to charge $35 for 2 acres but is convinced $150 is too much. They think never more than $100 or at least that is what I think I heard. I guess we need to call local companies to get quotes on some different sized yards in order to find out what our market supports.
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  5. BPS##

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    Loose the partner and go it on your own.

    Partners so very very often are recipes for disaster...... as you are already learning.

    The only partner I'll ever have is my wife or maybe my one brother.
    Other wise....... NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. knox gsl

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    I'm half way with you. My wife has been the best partner I could ask for, my brother not so much. For the OP get some family members or friends to call a LCO to come out and estimate their property for them take that info and make your mind up. Even better and more honest to your local competition, go mow several lawns for people you know and determine how you would charge for these types of properties. I agree with you that $150 for 2 acres in AR isn't going to fly. I would also look at not doing a partnership.
  7. locke_thekey

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    Haha, I was trying to keep it to myself but my wife is my partner. I am actually the bookkeeper and she is going to be the one out in the field so to speak since I have a job that we can't afford for me to leave.

    We'll figure it out but I won't feel comfortable until we do.
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  8. BPS##

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    LOL, well you are kinda SOL on dumping the partner then.
    At the least its not going to be easy. :laugh:

    As for the pricing if you can't make $100 for 2 acres work time/labor wise then you'll have to raise the rates.
    Granted none of my residentials are any where near that high but if the lot warranted the price then thats what they'd pay or find some one else.
  9. TriCountyLawn

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    Well look at what cost are involved with cutting a 1/4 acre and how long it takes and base it from there. Also have to factor in what equipment you are using. It cost more for me to cut 2acres with a 48" mower then the guy with a 72".
  10. KYMan

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    2 acres around me would run $60-$70...maybe $75 but definitely no more.

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