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    Hey' Guys Ive been thinking about using vegeatable oil for my diesel truck. Am get sick of the gas prices its like a dam yo yo. Am tierd get jerk around by big oil! I would like to know if any of you guys are useing veg. oil for your trucks and how its working out? Ive already been doing some research on the internet on how to convert to veg. oil. Curious to know if anybody have thought about it or already doing it. :usflag:
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    Here in Maryland I know of one tree company (I'm sure there are more) Pogo tree experts that uses there own mix of bio-diesel. They don't use it in the winter because of gel issues. They have one guy that goes all over in his step van and collects oil from restaurants in Washington DC. They bring it back, strain it, add some I forget what, to make it more stable and mix it with their tanks that everyone fills from in the morning.

    I found this site with a quick search
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    i looked into it a bit. there's a local company to me, called the green car company. they do the conversion and gave me quite a bit of info. there's more to it than you would think, and there is a difference between the different systems that heat the oil and blend it. make sure you do your research. you can view the green car company's website online by typing them in to google.
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    Hope I don't muddy the issue and Im certainly
    no expert but running a rig on veggie oil or
    SVO and bio-diesel are two different opertaions.

    As far as I know running on straight veggie oil
    means a conversion that is fairly costly. However
    you can run any diesel rig on 100% bio-diesel without
    any additions as long as your rig is newer than a
    '94. And if the price of diesel ever drops (HA!!)
    you can switch back to petro-diesel with no

    The bio-diesel process is called transesterification which
    makes you think its harder than it really is. I've never
    done it myself because of space and wife issues but
    I've observed it several times. It involves mixing the
    oil with methanol and lye, heating it and then lettting
    it cool. Thats the Readers Digest version, you'd need
    to look into it a good deal more if you wanted to diy.

    I've seen guys do it both with purchased units and
    with stuff they've cobbled together themselves and
    the process seems about the same.
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    Sure sounds like your an expert to me. Good info!
  6. Organic a go go

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    Meant to say before....

    Its a lot like making ol-timey lye soap if you've ever
    seen anybody do that. Not exactly the same of course
    because the ol' grannies and such that made lye soap
    were using animal fat but even in this process the
    gunk that settles to the bottom after it cools can
    be made into soap but Im not sure how to do it.
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    :usflag:I think the price of diesel will never go down nor would gas. Thats why to me it seems like a know brainer to do. I spent over $6.000 in gas last year to me if i can save in that deparment thats more money in my pocket not big oil! Its just makes good business sense to do. Thats why your starting to see your local buses or regional trasportation services starting to convert over. And hear a little tidbit for for our engery for tommrow helium 3
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    These guys seem to know what there talking about. Of all the websites ive seen on veg oil. I have to say there the best one ive seen thanks for ref. them on :usflag:

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