Vehicular breakdowns

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BRIAN GALLO, Feb 26, 2003.


    BRIAN GALLO LawnSite Senior Member
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    The recent thread about AAA memberships and towing sparked a question for me. If you break down with your trailer attached, how do they tow you then? Do you have to leave the trailer there fully loaded and make other arrangements to get your trailer & equipment home? I'm solo with only 1 vehicle capable of towing my trailer. :confused:
  2. J&R

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    Had this happen about 3 years ago. They pulled my truck and 16' trailer back to my shop.
  3. paponte

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    Same here. Deal with a major towing company. If they have capabilities to tow tractor trailers, your truck and trailer will be no problem! ;)
  4. Five Star Lawn Care LLC

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    Sometimes you will find a company that has a rollback that also has a hitch to they can get your truck on the rollback and the trailer on the tow trucks hitch.....never had this happen bit if i did i would probably have another one of my trucks go pick up the trailer so i wouldnt have to pay the cost of towing the trailer too.
  5. dougaustreim

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    Several years ago, my son picked up an old tow truck (60s) for 1500.00. He does a little towing and starting on the side. Hes a mechanic at the GM dealership. He stores the truck at my shop, so we have the ability to do our own towing. Don't break down very often, but it is nice to have that backup

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  6. Gravely_Man

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    That would not be pretty to leave a trailer around here on the side of the road while you have your truck towed. Someone would help you out by towing your trailer to their home and welcoming it contents to their garage.

  7. FrankenScagMachines

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    Thats tough :( I wouldn't think a thing of it if I had to do that here, I guess it's a small town in comparison to alot of areas (38,000) but it is a safe area :angel:
  8. jason r.

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    When I went full time I was worried about the same thing. I actually called the towing company I've used in the past and they said the same as BigBadRam2500 posted. Just in case my work truck has to spend any amount of time in the shop, I went out and bought a used 85' GMC Suburban for $800. The thing runs great, it's been my daily driver since I got it.

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