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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawncaremn, Oct 3, 2009.

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    Hi all, I'm planning to start a landscape outfit next spring but use mowing and clean ups as the backbone of getting started. I've been doing tons of research on equipment and techniques to make sure I'm making the right decisions (you guys on this forum are a wealth of knowledge and experience....I really appreciate you all taking time to advise and share thoughts). It's going to start out as a solo operation and to be most efficient (time wise as well as initial investment) I'm leaning towards buying a 48" belt drive toro wb as my main piece of equipment. I would really like to be able to use a velke but my toro dealer told me he didn't think a velke on a belt drive wb would work well for a guy my size (6'3", 240lb). He thought there would be belt slippage issues on anything but flat turf. Anybody out there have good/bad experiences with this combo. I know I could walk all day but figured this would improve efficiencies as well as take a load of my aging legs. How much time do velkes really save? Enough to justify the expense of upgrading to hydro? One last kinda related question. Most of the properties I will be targeting are in higher end neighborhoods (roughly 8-20k sq ft). I plan to strive for an extremely high quality job with alot of attention to detail. Is a 48" toro wb capable of delivering that? Also, do velkes leave very noticable lines in your stripes? Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer and for all the other threads I've already learned so much from.
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    Here's the link for 2 walk-behinds I find interesting. Sulky link too. They are 36" which may work out better for you for gates than the 48" but I know the Dek mower also comes in a 52' Both have floating decks which gives a superior cut to a fixed deck because the deck follows the contours of the yard. Good luck in your choice.:)
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    You'll be fine. Even if you wear your belts down faster, it's worth the labor savings.
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    What he said ^^^^^^^^My Toro 36'' pulls me fine, I have a 2 wheel sulky and close to 200lb and shorter that you......the 36'' has a Kawi 13, and I have never had a'll be fine.....
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    tried it...i found velkes to be a PIA on belt driven mowers (i am 6'1 170lbs)...used them for a couple seasons with my hyrdos but this season we took them off...after a while it bothers your knees with all the bouncing around ...also leaves extra tracks when u make your turns and all that...lawns look much better when you walk....i really would like to get a stander...but ....i havent yet ..because....wriight is prob the best machine but im not impressed with their cutting deck...they need to upgrade....i dont like the great danes...and toros grandstand cuts well but im not sure still waiting on these to improve over the years
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    The deck on those mowers don't anymore follow the contour of a yard than a fixed deck. Just because a deck will move up and down doesn't mean it's floating. At a minimum you have to have antiscalp rollers set at the same height that you're cutting at. The ultimate is to have castors on the deck itself like this:


    Neither of those Chinese mowers even have antiscalp rollers. If you want to see what a true floating deck looks like go look at the Lastec mowers.
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    i have an ex-mark 36 belt drive,am 265 and never had a problem running a sulky. mower is a 04 model and still have all original belts on it,approximately 500 to 600 hr. and i run in 5 gear 98% of the time ,with that being said ,working in the rain the sulky does have to come off.
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    going in reverse (pulling back with a velke in the way is annoying!) hydro is way easier
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    I have a feeling you want to hear people tell you your idea will work. At best, it will work but it will never work well. The belt drives are light weight and so are hydros. This results in spinouts when pulling a sulky with a big person on it. I had a 48 TTHP (hydro) and I weigh 212. I used a Proslide after the 2 wheel Velke didnt cut it with me. The Proslide wasnt much better. I replaced that set up with a 48 Grandstand and could not be happier. I just came home from cutting wet lawns and they look great with little if any turf damage. It is faster and much easier to use than a hydro WB. By the time you buy a new WB and a good sulky, the cost is about the same as the Grandstand. The Wright standers are good as well but the turbo force deck of the Grandstand has impressed me more than my 66 Exmark for cut quality.
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