velke/sulky effect on machines

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by ojonesy, Apr 23, 2002.

  1. ojonesy

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    looking for response from exmark rep. or current users.
    what effect does using a velke/sulke have on the wear and tear
    of a hydro or belt drive walkbehind? stopping, starting, turning etc...thanks.
  2. eXmark

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    Thanks for the questions. I'm not aware of any riding attachments that are going to be severely detrimental to the hydro drive system.

    With the gear drive machines you can shorten the life of the transmission, the drive belts, pulleys and possibly the transmission couplers. The biggest difference you'll see is that you will need to be certain all adjustments are done correctly or the drive belts and transmission belt can slip. You should also be sure to maintain the grease level in the transmission and do not shift on the fly. You should do these things anyway but they become more important if youÂ’re pulling a riding attachment.

    In either case, because we are not aware of all the many different types, models and brands of riding attachments we do not recommend that you use anything other than the Exmark "sit down" sulky. We simply can not test all of the "aftermarket" attachments and can't verify the quality, construction or safety of them.


  3. Russo

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    Hey exmark,

    I just bought an exmark proline 2 wheel sulky for my 48" - 14k ( belt )WB. It does great on the flat stuff and I am more than willing to jump off of it for hills and such.

    I know that it is causing extra wear and I can accept this if the wear is "reasonable". The dealer boys are saying that I can get away with this and that I'll most likely tear up a belt before I damage the transmission or something else especially since I weigh 160lbs soaking wet. This sounds reasonable to me if it's true.

    Can you confirm or deny?
  4. eXmark

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    Sounds good to me. Really if you just us a little common sense perform a little maintenance now and then you'll be just fine.

    Don't forget the obvious like checking the grease level in the trans once or twice per year, don't shift on the go with out "clutching" the drive levers and grease the output couplers.

    Good luck,


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