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Velke up or down on trailer?

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I was just wondering what you folks here do with your velke on your walkbehinds while it's on the trailer. Recently, I just started out and bought my Toro WB and my trailer. A good friend of mine who also has a mowing service dropped by for a visit to check out my new equipment. He warned me not to have the velke chained up while it is in transport on the trailer, because when you hit bumps in the road you take a risk of breaking the chain with the velke bouncing up and down. From then on, I have left mine in the "down" position.
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chain breaks? never had that happen.never even seen that happen around here
Yeah, Mike. He said that when the velke bounces up and down while hitting bumps in the road, it stresses the chain and may cause it to break. With me being a rookie, I never even though of that even though I did see the velke jumping up and down while I was driving along hitting bumps.
I have mine up . my chain is so tight it cant bounce

1 chain has broken in 10+ years with more than 15+ Velkes.
well my velke is always up.i even chained up my bullrider sulky with the little baby chain trimmer trap gives you.never had a problem before but who knows my luck may change
I leave it down unless I need the extra room. It's easy enough to move the machine around on the trailer with the thing down.
Up;I made the mistake of leaving one down and the weight of the WB shoved it against the side of the trailer and broke one of the main sleeves on the Velke.Now my Velke swivels up and down.The chain shouldn't matter if you use a strong enough one.Mine haven't broke in 5 years and we log a ton of miles;mostly highway.
Up........I need the room, and like Harry said, if its tight enough there wont be a problem..
Been chaining up my Jungle Wheels to handle panel of eXmark metro for a year now, never have such problem. Although it bounces but not enough to break that chain. no way. I need space for bushes and leaves, trash can and traffic blocker, it is neccessary to chain the wheels up.
Mine are always up to make room. BTW, I stopped using chains years ago cause the clips at the end of the chain would break (not the chains). Now I use bungee cords problem with them.
I keep my Jungle Wheels up with bungee cords on each side to prevent breaking the key of on machine, and it also gives more room. Have not had any problems.
Chain? Whassat?
velke up...except on one of our hydros we can chain it because of the hydro filter is in the way.
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