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I have just recently purchased a Gravely 48" walk behind. this unit is belt driven. I have been told that the jungle wheel is better designed, but how do these units compare as far as operation is concerned. Because of my weight, I know I will need a two wheel unit(230lbs). Is one more prone to jack knife than the other when backing? Your responses will be greatly appreciated.


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I looked very closely at these two units before opting for the velkie x2. When I stood on the jungle wheels, the platform seemed to have too much flex. I weigh about 215 lbs. The instant I stood on the velkie I knew I wanted one. Better built in my opinion, plus I didn't need an adapter plate to install it on my Exmark. I know this reply didn't address you specific questions. I thought it might help in the decision making process.

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I own a jungle wheel sulky, and during the season I go anywhere from 260 to 280lbs. I have never had any problems. They are both good products. I would definately go with the 2 wheel though.


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The dinky little pivot bushings they both use will not last very long. Count on replacing them often. We have had the mounting brackets break 3 times in 2 years on the Velke. The only Brand I have seen with large pins & needle bearings is the Bull Rider. I will buy one of those later this year.


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with the velky design. you step off to back up. the platform swings all the way around under the connecting arm. To back up with a jungle wheels and belt drive you have to get of hold the wheels up with one hand and control the mower with the other.

velky backs easier but jungle wheels rides a bit better due to larger tires.


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Hey guys, this may seem stupid, but could you break it down for me please. I just got a WB 2 weeks ago and am considering my options.

What is a velke?
What is a sulky?
What are the differences?
How many wheels does each have or can they each come with one or two wheels?
Which kind is it that folds up under the handlebars?

All I know for sure is that both allow you to ride standing up behind your WB.

Thanks in advance.

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The true definition of a sulky includes a seat and wheels derived from horse racing sulkies.

A sulky in the mowing industry is known as any riding attachment that you attach to a walkbehind.

The velke Pro 1 (one wheel) is the most compact sulky and articulates to get into more places with the mower without the sulky hitting things. Sulkies that don't articulate(stays directly behind the mower on turns), or wider sulkies have a much greater chance to hit things as you turn (think what would happen if you had casters on your equipment trailer).
Both velke's get out of your way when you back up, which is especially important on belt/gear drive mowers with poor reverse because you need to be standing on the ground to pull the mower back.

Also the velke is one of very few that fold neatly under the handlebars.

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I have a one wheel Velke and I put the wheel on the bottom mounting hole to allow me to back up and not tear up the turf. Backing up with a 1 wheel Velke is like backing up a truck and trailer. Once you know how to you wont ever get off if until your done mowing. I do hate the strip it makes tho. That is where I wouldn't of minded try both versions before i bought it. My Ferris stripes good but the Velke's wheel strip stand out from the mowers strip.

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Yes it is good to have the wheel axle in the low hole if you're not tall or if your handle bars aren't too low. Some sulkies are too high to give a comfortable ride, so we give you the option to ride lower.

Keep in mind that the hitch height has a big effect on the platform ground clearance when turning and backing up. I see many velkes attached to mowers where the hitch is too low and not only does it hit the ground too much but it wears out the bottom of the platform.

If you back up more that a few feet or back up while turning, it would be quicker and easier to hop off for a second and allow the velke to swing around 180 degrees so you don't have to steer the sulky and you can look where you're going instead of looking down at the sulky. If you had this feature on your truck/trailer, you could back up as fast as you want and go where you want without trying to keep the trailer straight. Again if you don't have a hydro, you need to get off any sulky. Ours gets out of your way though so you're not tripping over it.

I've never heard a homeowner complain about an extra wheel stripe. Why give up productivity to have one less wheel stripe that few notice or care about. Golf coarse greens mowers make 3 wheel tracks too.

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