Velke Vs Jungle wheels??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bunky, May 3, 2004.

  1. bunky

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    I currently have a Jungle Wheels Sulky on my gravely Hydro, But it needs new bushings, I was thinkng of buying a New Sulky and was loooking a Velke 2 wheeled model....

    Is there much difference in the 2???? Pro's and Con's
  2. Premo Services

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    I have had a jungle wheels and am now using the velke 2 wheel model. I like the velky better. It folds in half, so when you attach it to the mower for transport or to walk behind the mower, there is more room for the feet and legs. It rides and turns better behind the mower. It makes you stand at a better angle, so it is less tiresome to mow with it all day. Also the velke has a long and short arm and depending on what mower you have you will need either one. On the tthp(eXmark) I needed the short arm.
  3. Acute Cut

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    Got pics of the new velke?
  4. Itsgottobegreen

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  5. TheKingNJ

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  6. grassrootsinab

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    I'm running a 1 wheel Velke and love it. I have a 38" JD WB (14 HP Kaw). It is really compact. I have a little hanger under the handle assembly and it just folds up out of the way when you're in tight and need to walk. I think its a great product. I guess I'm biased though as I've never tried anything else. I'm really happy with it.
  7. Wright Mfg

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    I just answered someone on that last week under the post "sulky question". Take a look at it.

    Jim Velke
  8. lawnMaster5000

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    TheKingNJ said to buy a proslide.

    I have always wondered why anyone would want such a device. Please explain. I use a 2 wheel Velke and love it. But even with the wheels I have to walk some steeper hills and such. I cannot imagine pulling myself around on a skid plate all day.

    Anyway just give me your reasons please, I am curious and open to new ideas.

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