Velke with suspension?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MikeKle, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. MikeKle

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    I saw a picture somewhere recently of a velke that had suspension, I cannot remember where it was though, does anyone know what Im talking about? I think it was a single wheel model? My friend and I are going to try to fabricate a suspension for a 2 wheel jungle wheel. He said he has the perfect springs to use but Ive not seen them yet. Anyone ever try this? We will post pics when we get it done and hopefully sell the idea for millions of dollars!!!!
  2. mowisme

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    sounds concern would be platform would be getting to high off ground level after getting springs under it then you would be 'leaning' over to reach handles..But what do I know! sounds interesting. Geno
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