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  1. jsteveharris

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    I just bought a Scag Ultimate Hydro 48&quot; with the single wheel velke. This seems to work well but I know there are many other sulkies out on the market. Has anyone had any complaints or problems with this single wheel design and would you recommend any others. I weigh 220lbs so I thought about going to the 2 wheel model that velke has now.<p>----------<br>Steve Harris<br>From The Ground Up Landscaping
  2. Lazer

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    Jungle Wheels.<p>They're better than the Velke 2 wheel because the tires are bigger. You're a big guy like me and won't like that 1 wheel velke when the ground gets soft.<p>Any 2 wheel will be more satisfactory than the orginal velke. I like the way 2wheels pattern the lawn better.
  3. Eric ELM

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    Steve, Don't do like this one Idiot I know. I could write a book on this guy. He noticed one wet rainy spring day as he loaded up his JD with a single wheel Velke, that he had a flat tire on it. Duh He had left a nice groove with his 235 body pushing down on it. He always notices things after he is done, not while he is mowing. He noticed he had forgotten to put the dipstick back in his new Viper after mowing two lawns too. I could go on and on, but I won't. <p>----------<br>Eric@ELM<br>
  4. ant

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    steve i use the 1 wheel i like it i am about 260 lbs. and when the ground is wet the wheel goes so far down in the ground that i strike oil. before i used to walk behind the mechine i weigh 210 . if you use it all day grease it two or more times per day keep a spare tire/rim/bushings/cotter pin in your truck i did away with the air tires used the solid tire and liked them.
  5. Roger

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    I have a single wheel Velke, behind a 36&quot; Exmark wb. I don't use it on really nice lawns - I don't want that single track down the middle. I would like to try a two wheel design, but am concerned that they don't permit tight turns that a hydro wb permits. I might look at some two wheeled models before the season starts - anybody have good suggestions? Some places I cut are rather scrappy and the yards are very rough. A two wheeler might make the ride easier.<p>I weigh about 165, so the single wheel isn't a problem in cutting into the turf. I have had several flat tires because of thorns penetrating the tire. I should try a sealant to eliminate this problem because it takes time, and a repair is usually $10. And, don't take the repair to the local tire shop, they don't know what to do with that little wheel!
  6. JML

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    I don't like the single wheels because of the ugly line that they leave in the center of the mower lines. I prefer Lescos velky because it's wheels line up with the mowers rear wheels...
  7. Roger

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    JLM, I've heard good things elsewhere about the Lesco sulky. Do the wheels each pivot, enabling you to turn the sharp turns? Does the entire unit turn with the mower, or does it pivot at the hitchpoint, just like a truck/trailer? I've seen some that pivot at the hitch point, and they seem far to cumbersome - great for straight paths, but great hinderence when making turns. Does it mount/dismount easily from the mower?<p>Thanks, Roger
  8. JML

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    Roger, yes each wheel does pivot and each wheel has its own grease point.. The Velkes turns with the mower and is not cumbersome at all.. thanks
  9. ZYAL8R

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    try the pro-slide, i have used it behind 2 of my scag walk behinds. a hydro and a belt drive... it works great and is excellent for leaving good lines.<br>the best of all u dont have to take it off if you dont need it, just step off and it retracts forward against the machine.<br>it cost a little more but i think it's great
  10. OP

    jsteveharris LawnSite Member
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    Who makes the proslide and can it be purchased online? Is there any sites that I can see a picture of it?<br>Thanks<p>----------<br>Steve Harris<br>From The Ground Up Landscaping

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