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Velkie-5 Speed Gear Box-32" (?)


LawnSite Member
My Dealer Told Me Not To Put A Velkie On My 32" Lesco Cause It Will Rip The 5 Speed Gear Box Right Out. But I Have A Couple Houses With Back Gates And Big Back Yards That I Can Only Use The 32. Gets Old Fast. Any Input, Or Info? Thanks

lawnboy dan

LawnSite Platinum Member
north florida
i have been using a single velke for 5 yrs on a toro 32 and its still got the orig trans from when it was new in 93. i weigh 190 lbs . the single wheel velkie isnt desighned to hold heavy operators -200 lbs is about the limit. velkie is by far the best single wheele for a small wb. folds up very compact