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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnworker, Feb 14, 2000.

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    hey everyone <p>I am a small residetial outfit mowing 15 cleints reg. during season this is my???<br>I have a velke single wheel thingy to save walking. However i dont use velkie on all yards becouse i think the striping is harder to do and the third wheel mark looks funny.<br>However walking on even half the jobs i do can get very tiring on a hot day and i may be doing to good of a job for some of these people. there is another outfit i see alot and they never walk anything alwaya on velkies are ztr mid mounts and have more work going then me.whats yalls opinion on those velkeis and cut quality.currently if the yard is over 3/4 acre i will use velkie for most of the smaller yards i walk behind 48&quot; are 36&quot; depending on yard layout <p>Looking foward to spring
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    I noticed last year when the guys started using velkies the compliants went up. It appears the guys were concentrating more on riding fast than the quality and details. Once I had them start walking again, the compliants stopped. IMO the time savings of not having to revisit a customer offsets the few minutes of savings by using the velky.

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