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    I just got a bullrider for my exmark 48" hydro walk behind. My friend at a local mower repair shop is going to help me adapt it to my mower. He says we can install it but I will be unhappy with a velkie on my mower. He says it will wheelie up when I take off and will get in my way and will bog down my machine and wear it out faster. Any thoughts?
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    1.) Adapt it? It should pretty much drill and bolt right on.<p>2.) Didn't he even look at the Bull Rider? The wheels are slightly in front of the riders weight/feet, keeping the nose down.<p>3.) Bog down the machines? How many HP do you have. The hydro will take the additional load.<p>4.) Wear out faster? The mower or you?<br>Forget about the mower wearing out, keep yourself fresh and productive.
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    I use one and have no problem with it.<br>I sometime have trouble backing up with it.<br>I did have one a velkie that I had to put weights on front to stop it from bunny hopping.

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