Velky/Sulky Problem

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gibbonsballer10, Jun 10, 2011.

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    My two wheel velke, haverner ts2000, one of the wheels has a cracked valve stem. Is there anyway to fix this, because the wheels are like one piece, there's no taking the tire off because its like molded to the rim, and the replacement one is almost $60 for a little tire. Any way to fix the leak in the valve stem, which is inside of the tire?
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    Uhm, yeah, but...
    You still have to remove the tire. :p

    The rim is either a one piece or a split rim but no matter how you look at it first you need to get yourself a valve stem,
    I'd check online but you can probably buy one at most any auto parts store and I'd get a few while there.
    All the ones I've ever owned always were split rims, but I have noticed of late they're coming out with one piece rims...

    Assuming it's a split rim...
    There should be FOUR (4) 1/2" or thereabouts bolts and nuts on the inner diameter of the rim.
    Removing these will allow the two halves to split, if it is a split rim design, you might need a hairy flathead screwdriver
    for a little extra "persuasion," careful you don't poke a hole in the tube.

    If it's not a split rim but a one-piece, then...
    And I quote:
    The easiest way to change a small diameter rimmed tire is with a mini-tire changer.
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    So is it worth it to spend 60 bucks on a new tire, or is it worth it to loose 2 hours messing with the tire to replace the valve stem?.......

    If I spent two hours doing it, I'd loose about 100 bucks that I could be doing work for someone else, so buying a new tire would be 40 bucks in my pocket.
  4. lawnboy dan

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    buy the solid flat free tire

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