velky,sulky,prolide on g.d. w/b

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mr mow, May 11, 2006.

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    i have commercially mowed lawns for 7-8 yrs took a five break to pursue another career but missed mowing lawns. The company i worked for was the largest in my area (at least 60 employees 20 crews) everyone that was behind a walkbehind walked...thier walkbehind. when i left i was quality control super, before that i did all the upper class big lawns with mostly a rider, trust me i can operate a w/b just fine(same principles generaly speaking) but i have never used a sulky, velky or a proslide(it just didnt happen at the company i worked for). my question is now that im on my own is; do they bolt up to any walkbehind(i have a 36" g.d i want it for), what stripes the best for those who have use atleast 2, whats the learning curve on each i.e. is there one thats easier to learn than another. im not a newbie when it comes to mowing just never got a chance to try one even though it seem like every other company(except for the one i used to work for)uses them.
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    We used the single wheel velke when we had walkbehinds. They work fine but it does leave that odd bal single wheel mark in the middle of your stripe. If your looking for great stripes then the proslide is the way to go but I myself have never owned or used one.
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    I've used all and these are what I get from them:

    single wheels-maneuverable but leaves ugly stripe mark, good for backing up

    2 wheels-easy to ride, doesn't hinder stripe quality, sometimes isn't good for tight spots or turns, just like having a trailer behind truck

    proslide-great stripes, good ride quality, but you have to walk it when your on hard surface and have to step on and off all the time, has the most moving parts to replace as well

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    I just got the Proslide XT. I've used it a few times and like the way it rides, very smooth, no bumps. I don't stripe, but from what others have said, it should stripe great. It won't leave any lines like a wheeled one will. Another nice feature is that when you step off, it retracts up out of the way. I can't imagine what I would do w/o that feature as everytime you backup or load and unload off the trailer would be a pain w/ a wheeled one. It does not bolt right on, you have to drill 2 holes through the back of your mower. It was not very hard, but a bolt on option would be nice. Unfortunatly, I've never used a sulky or velky. I did a lot of research on here and most said the proslide was the way to go, but make sure you get the new XT as it fixed some old issues.
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