VelkyX2 bushing snafu

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Toroguy, Jun 4, 2002.

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    Howdy all you Velky riders.

    I learned a nice lesson to share with y'all.

    Last week I felt a weird sensation while turning on my velkyX2. I thought a tire had blown. After the weird feeling again happened I noticed one of the brass bushings had vanished. Being the cheapskate I am I considered riding with the bushing missing but better judgement prevailed.

    The bushings to elaborate are the do dads thats the cotter pin attaches the arm to on the rear portion of the walkbehind, when they fail the cotter pin flails around in the gap like a horribly worn piston. This bushing should be the same for both velkys.

    So I ordered four(4) new bushings.

    Monday I removed the other bushing which was cracked, and installed the new pair. It takes a hammer! Out on the route I go. At the first stop I try to attach the velky arm, and the pin wont fit in the hole? Later that night I remove the two perfectly good bushings with a hammer and chisel. They must be destroyed to remove them? I double check my remaining two bushings to ensure the pin fits, then begin tapping them in. But, I keep the pin nearby to ensure it fits as the bushing makes progress. As the bushing enters, it is squeezed and narrows its clearance. The pin would have fit if I used a hammer! The pin therefore needs to continually be tapped into the partially installed bushing?

    The lesson(s):

    Buy extra bushings in advance,

    Take corners less severely, and watch when you back up...Im not positive what caused the problem because of its suprising nature.

    Carry a hammer with your spare bushings, the back of a screwdriver lacks the desired "punch".

    Before you destroy a set of bushings, try to tap the pin in with a hammer, it'll save you $7.70.

    Please feel free to add further expertise.

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