velocity plus blades


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What blades are you guys running on your scags and are you happy with them? I bougt my first scag every this year and when I went to pick it up it told the dealer I would go ahead and take another set of blades. He brought them out and said they were 95 bucks for the set. Even for a 72" mower I thought this seemed high even though they are the marbain blades so I ended up without a backup set of blades and I need to be getting another set of blades soon.
Thanks in advance for the info.


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I just finished shopping for some of the newer Gator g-6 blades and found them for a 52" (18" blades) Scag for $12.49ea + $8.00 shipping for the complete order. Six blades, two sets for $84 and change delivered

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