Vendor stickers / decals ?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DowntoEarthLLC, May 23, 2004.

  1. DowntoEarthLLC

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    How do people get their Toro decals and stuff like that on their trucks? I see alot of Irrigation guys with that kind of stuff. Do the vendors just give them the decals or do the contractors get them with the pass of some certification or something?

    Does this stuff help? Just for looks?
  2. greenworldh20

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    depends on what 'decals' you are speaking of.

    why not 'ask' the competition where they got them?

    any local sign/printer can re-create the 'decal'.

    personally, i would never advertise any brand on my vehicle unless they were paying for it.

  3. houston

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    Amen Brian,

    The manufacturers should jump at the chance to furnish free advertising for companies that want to use it.


    All (I guess) irrigation manufacturers have truck decals FOR SALE if you want to purchase them. Just go to their websites or catalog and you can find it. Your dealer will be able to get it for you or have it in stock. But why would you want to pay to advertise for something? Spend money by getting your truck and trailers lettered advertising your company and services.


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