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    I am Thinking about hiring the right tech to work Sarasota County. A Northern Friend was going to semi retire and move to Florida. He did extensive market research in Sarasota - Bradenton area and found 3/4 on a million population. I am presently working an area of about 50,000 people and making a nice living.

    This is a employee, employer opportunity for the right person and would require a lot of marketing in a virgin territory without any name recognition of a current company working that area. Possible Buy in or Buy out in future since I am 68 years old.

    I want to stress the Point I AM THINKING ABOUT THIS. It all depends on the right individual. Hopefully I can Find a honest go getter who is not afraid to knock on doors and network with others. I will give a fair percentage of commission on a residual bases and only take a small percent of profit for the normal Employer support of a commission Sales Tech.

    Respond by PM with your name and phone number. It may take me a while to make a final decision to even go this route. I can hold 3 cards before getting Worker Comp. My self and one part time employee take up two cards. Therefore I can only have one more card holder before the big paper work hassle I don't want. My present card holder I will stay faithful too since I am training him to take over my business.

    CPO reading here!! Your reply of GOOD LUCK is already expected.
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    Good luck, Rick. I hope the pieces fall into place for you. There's some nice property in the Sarasota area to take care of (grew up on Siesta Key)

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    Sarasota at one time had the highest income per capita of any Fla county. Now Collier County does because of Marco Island. That doesn't mean Sarasota has any less spendable income now. The Sarasota-Bradenton area has 3/4 of a million people mostly right along the beautiful blue water beaches. I am south of Sarasota in a much smaller and poorer community and still make a nice living as a one man Fert & Squirt. The stats show Sarasota as having over twice the spendable income per capita as my area.

    I messed up by not moving to or servicing that market a long time ago. There are companies in my town that actually travel there each day. At my age it is not viable for me to make a big move. But a younger man could build a nice business in that area. Groundskper read me like a book when he said I would never be happy as a one man band. I make enough money now, but the thrill of growing a business is flowing in my blood. By the time it gets really rolling I might not be consuming oxygen. But I think the challenge would be fun. I would of rebuild the nursery if my kids had an interest in it. But after hurricane charlie blew it away, I could of cared less. Now I am thinking big again. But only if I find the right help. Attitude is everything in my book. I can train a monkey to do the work if they have the right attitude.
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    Today's local Newspaper reports

    Sarasota County has a population increase of 0.3% and normal unemployment rate

    My county just south of Sarasota 1.6% decrease in population and high unemployment. Remember Ft Myers Fla. was the first stop on Obama's tour of depressed cities with high unemployment.

    The first step in designing a business model is researching the market. The research I am seeing appears to be good for the Sarasota Area. With new fertilizer laws in Sarasota county this market is wide open to those who can provide green lawns in compliance with those laws. Anyone who has followed my posts over the years should realize I can provide green lawns in compliance with those laws.

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