Venting fuel cap for Makita?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by cariboulou, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. cariboulou

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    I got a makita line trimmer that runs and starts ok, but fuel shoots out vent hole in gas cap. I took gas cap apart to check on gaskets and venting system. It seems to be just a piece of cut up air filter material - foam type. When i took apart a stihl gas cap if had a hard "ceramic" type of filter in there. where can I find a replacement fuel cap for this machine? Its a Makita RBC 251. Im hoping i can just use a generic venting fuel cap and the threads will match up.

    BTW it takes about 8 -10 pulls to get it to pop, but Im assuming the lack of pressure in fuel tank is to blame for this.
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  3. GlynnC

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    I think your assumption is incorrect--it should be able to start with or without a gas cap'
  4. cariboulou

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    the trimmer runs after i finally get it started but the main concern is the fuel shooting out the vent hole in the fuel cap!! where can i get a replacement cap or packing material??
  5. cariboulou

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    ok saw the link and see where to get a cap, will try locally first. i just got the trimmer so i didint get a chance to mess with carb. would unit run if the fuel and return lines were crossed?? I guess i can try to see if that improves starting unit.

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