Venting leaf boxes for loaders

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ArTurf, Feb 15, 2011.

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    I am in the process of building a leaf box for a dump bed truck and would appreciate suggestions on venting. I have noticed some have what looks like mesh tarps over the top while others have solid tarps. I am thinking of some holes in the top sides with wire mesh over them. The loader is at the back of the bed so where should I put the vents if this is the way to go, the back or side.
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    I have always used a heavy duty mesh tarp over the entire top of the box. The problem I ran into with just a few holes, the leaves and debris will plug wherever they can. With venting the entire top of the box, I havent had any plugging problems, even as the box becomes full. When I build boxes in the future, I will use a small holed wire mesh, because around here we often get snow late in the season before I remove my leaf box and the snow builds up/ stretches the tarp material. Hope it helps you.
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    Easiest way is to just use a mesh tarp. I got a new truck this year so I had to rebuild my box and one condition I had for it was quick build and take down time. I used to use door screen, but I found it to be easy to rip and clumbsy to put up and take down. I went with the mesh tarp this season since it was cheap and it worked so well that I will keep it. My current box setup can be built or taken down by one man in like 15 minutes.

    this is the link to my thread with pics of our setup
  4. ArTurf

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    Thanks for the advice. I am finding out this is exactly true.
  5. kiefer

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    I already have a leaf box set up on a dump trailer but I'm looking for ideas to set up a leaf box for one of my dump beds. Do you have any pics you could show?

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    We use the tarp mesh on entire top of box. Easy to set up and remove. Usually one hour and we are good to go. Good luck with yours.
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    mesh tarp is definitely the way to go. its durable yet offers great venting
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    One more plus for mesh tops is you can easily verify how much space is left till you're full.

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