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    I was pulling into the yard today to pick up more mulch and this lady followed me in... gets out yelling and screaming at me that I was dropping huge rocks and dirt while driving and it was pelting here Scion. I told her the bed is empty, ontop of that it's been raining for three days and all I have been doing is mulch, no dirt, no rocks. This crazy b!*ch was goin nuts, yelling at me and being a fool. It took everything I had not to be me and go off on her! I told her politely, if there was a way I could have known there was gravel on the road and my tires may have kicked it up I would have done everything in my power to stop it. She asked if I was calling her a liyer, I said yes politely and to have a day. :rolleyes:
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    ....and she was probably the same idiot who was riding your arse the whole time. She isn't worth getting upset about.
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    Some people want to have a reason to go off on somebody. I just try to cover all my bases as much as possible, covering mulch, tying down good, extra long mud flaps ect.

    It's inevitable your going to run into people like that though. Sounds like you handled it correctly.
  4. Isobel

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    Nicely done!

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