Ventrac mower questions.

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Eabuente, May 16, 2016.

  1. Eabuente

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    I was looking at a ventrac 4500 series to do estate and some acreage mowing. My questions are; Does the ventrac despite its heavier weight have a lite footprint leaving less chances for ruts? Also what is the cut quality compared to a 60" or 72" Exmark / Scag?
  2. ventrac

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    Hopefully we can get some others to chime in so it's not just our opinion here, but it sounds like your concerns would be covered by a Ventrac. We routinely cut low/wet areas with no issues as we do have a very light ground pressure and that weight is also distributed well since the mower deck is out front. (This does however lead to a much longer setup than a typical zero turn so if being compact front to back is a concern, keep that in mind.) Since the deck is out front and the carrier rides on large wheels and a full length rear roller, it moves with the ground fairly well and leaves a good cut and stripes if you're into that sort of thing.

    Also, with the 4500 you would be rated at 30 degrees up and down with regular wheels or 30 degrees in all directions with dual wheels so hills are much easier to tackle than with a ZTR. If cutting really problematic low areas (even with a bit of standing water) then dual wheels also help relieve even more ground pressure. Every 4500 also comes standard with weight transfer so you can independently control the ground pressure of the front wheels to some extent so you can have more traction.

    If you let me know your location I can look up what dealer would be able to give you a demo in the conditions you're wondering about. Also, I can try and see if there are any Ventrac owners near you that you could get in touch with for an opinion on the equipment.
  3. BrandonV

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    i've seen them used in some quite marshy conditions using the dual wheels as mentioned above. An articulated machine is always going to be easier on the turf then any other option.
  4. aussiejohn

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    Hi Guys, this is a long shot but here goes.
    Looking to buy a Ventrac downunder but dealer has just found out the 60 inch rear discharge has been discontinued.
    This size really suits my business.
    Would like to try find out if any dealers in USA have one they would like to return to Ventrac. The Aussie dealer is going over there very soon and we could then get it on the next shipment back down under.
    Would prefer not to just leave it to Ventrac as they may just take the easy way out
  5. ventrac

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    I've made our dealer reps aware that you're looking for one of the 60" rear discharge models. Hopefully something turns up for you. If not, please consider the normal 60" deck with mulch kit. It will serve the same purpose and do just as well as the rear discharge in almost all conditions (excluding heavy spring grass and overgrown grass where you'll need to slow down a little more than with the RD)
  6. aussiejohn

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    Thanks heaps. John

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