Ventrac or Steiner?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by kgs1, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. kgs1

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    I was wondering if anyone uses or has used a Ventrac or Steiner mower? I'm kicking around the Idea of a demo on the ventrac 4200 model and/or the Steiner 235 model but wanted to see if anyone has any input on these mowers...I like versitility it could bring with the attachments they have & know I could put them to use but I also know they are exspensive...thanks for the input ahead of time!
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    I have owned four steiners and many attachments. I have a um 428 that is a great machine. Two of them had onan/linamar engines. One has a kubota diesel the other has a dihatsu/briggs diesel. What are your questions?
  3. kgs1

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    Well the versatility is a no brainer i think with all the attachments..I know I coud use 4-5 of them all the time..Are they a good durable machine? Warranty? I think the nearest dealer is at least 400 miles or so from me so thats a concern I have as far as warranty work.Another is I know the out front deck cuts good ,but are the 4x4s as fast with the cutting as say a zero turn? I might demo a Steiner & a ventrac maybe at the same time this summer.. I have a lot of dirt/sand issues from County plows I have to deal with every year & also have had a lot of calls for long grass that I dont want to take my zero turns Broom/rough cut mower/leaf blower/slip scoop, I could use all the time...

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