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    Hey everyone,
    Im in business for 1yr now and everything has gone really well infact that im going to buy my first new machine.I have two 36" mowers for my residential properties. I need a machine for my larger properties.1st is 6acres the 2nd is 3acres and the last is 2acres. i thought i wanted a zero turn because thats what everyone seems to use.. but i saw another machine (ventrac tractor) that caught my eye because of the versatility.they have extremely large decks 72
    " OR 110" all sorts of attachments.. front end loader, snow blower,trenchers,blowers ect. why rent if this machine can take the place..

    Im looking for anyone who has used one and there honest opinion of the machine and the price..

    also why dont i see more of these in use on large properties or at all? seems more logical to get a tractor as versatile as this as appose to a zero turn mower that just cuts grass.Are they not good for moving Dirt mulch stone?

    what im getting at is i want to purchase one, Im just looking for reasurance that this is going to do me justice and be worth me spending my money.I do all phases of landscaping/hardscaping/irrigation.i can imagin this would be a great toy for me..or maybe i just want to play with it and in my mind the little kid in me wants to play in the dirt with something bigger than a
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    I don't own a Ventrac. I have a fellow LCO who does and I've seen him use his and I've seen enough YouTube videos to give my opinion. They are a game changer for your business. For someone who does more than mowing, which it sounds like you do, a Ventrac is as versatile a machine on the market as anything out there and would be a smart investment. Buy one and don't look back.
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    not always as fast as a z in all situations, but high end quality cut, stripes beautiful. brushogs great, grind stumps, what an aeravator,9- 10000 cf blower attachment. holds hillsides that will make you afraid and get lots of pucker factor. opened up many new options for employment I could have never dreamed of. Would buy again, maybe # 2 if winter is good.
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    vent trac-steiner same type very good units very versitle yeah plenty of attatchments
    i suggest pricing out the toys your looking at youll finde out that you can buy 2 ztr
    fot the price of that tractor about 15,000 with out any atatchments mower deck
    i think around 3,500 a lot money to cut grass but go with the liquid cooled motor
    i have a older steiner good unit cut well turnarounds are slow good hill holding as long
    as you outfit unit with duel wheel setup will go through anything 4 wheel drive

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    I've have both Ventrac and Steiner mower for more than 20 years. If you do more than mow, you will be really impressed with the versatility, power as well as fun factor. Don't get me wrong, they mow like there is no tomorrow. they are so stable on hills and the floating decks handle contours of any lawn (depending on deck width). my ventracs are 4231's. I love this 3 cylinder engine. More power than you will ever need, as long as you know how to use hydro correctly. I have many attachments and they all work great.The decks are built super strong and I love the way they stripe. Any question, ask!
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    Gas vs Diesel ? Liquid vs air cooled ? Dual wheel ? I have 2 0 turn .
    Will the ventrac be more or less comfortable than the 0 turn Kubota 30 hp.
    What do you think ? Or better yet Know.
    Thank you Mike

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