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Anyone have a ventrac??? I’ve wanted to operate one forever. Is this anyone else’s dream? I’m curious to see if any one dislikes owning one.


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Sw Va
We only use ours for lawn aerovation and brush cuts. They are great machines and have many attachments but are quite expensive if you can't use them on a regular basis. As far as mowing another company near us has one and he said its a PITA to mow with unless its a large wide open property.

Mark Oomkes

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Grand Rapids, MI
I don't own one...yet. They are the ultimate sidewalk snow machine. Well, I own an SSV, but that isn't what you're referring to.

A truthful dealer will tell you they are not as productive as a Z or stander, they are more a specialty machine.


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I own a Ventrac.

They are a great machines they allow me to mow a lot of times when my zero turn can't handle the conditions. i.e. wet, swampy area's, difficult hills.
They are also great in open area's.
I also have a stump grinder and slip scoop and a tough cut deck, that I use as well.
However others are correct, they are pricey and are not efficient on medium to small yards that require a lot of turning.
It is really a personal choice and what fits for your company.