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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Danielle8517, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. Danielle8517

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    Need help with versa lok stairs if I have 42 inch rise that would men 7 steps
    6 inch rise
    12 inch run
    I wanted to put in 2 to3 foot landing what would measurement out from patio door be. Also is there a
    Way to shorten length of stairs I'm using pedistal method
  2. Drakeslayer

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    We need the DVS ones advice on this one. I'm confused.
  3. alldayrj

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    Run times number of steps plus landing, am i missing something?
    Draw us a picture
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  4. zedosix

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    Basic math Danielle, just figure what size each step is including overhang. If using a 12" capstone then you should measure out 84" for the steps and then add 24" for the landing. This will give you a 3' landing including the last step.
  5. E-mans Hardscapes

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    You would want to start your block 45" down from threshold. The first step is always 9". You make it a 6" step by either adding pavers up to it or adding dirt. Whatever the case. If I'm not mistaken versalok caps are 13" deep and the block is 12. So figure 36" for your landing and 5' for your steps. First step should start 8' out from house. This math is all in my head but I think it's right. We always glue and hammer drill the blocks that are being buried in the steps. Versalok steps are easy to build. A block splitter is a must.
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  6. E-mans Hardscapes

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    Here's a few I've installed.



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  7. Murphy's Law

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    from NH
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    I will never understand why posts get deleted. I saw your very valid point DVS. Yes, your point has been made "several" times but it's still valid. And...This post will be gone soon.
  8. zedosix

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    I for one would like to see the comment. I'm a big boy I can take it. Is this site for wimps or for men.
  9. DVS Hardscaper

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    I know.

    When it comes to steps - guys dabbling in hardscapes never seem to be able to understand building codes and liability - which all is part of professionalism.

    If you're going to build steps - then you need handrails.

    If a visitor falls down those steps with no handrails - the owner if the house and the contractor can be sued.

    If you're going to post pics of steps - then either post pics of your steps with handrails or write something's saying "these pics have no hand rails, but they have since been installed".

    Last week my kid's trainer said "if you want to be a pro you need to look like a pro". Same applies to business, if you want to be a pro, then do work like a pro. This means you
    Follow local building codes, and when posting on the www you mentor others to follow building codes.

    Following building codes is how I make my sales. I know that most other guys won't install handrails. So i tell a prospective client "county code requires a handrail, if
    You're getting other quotes it's likely that the other contractors will try to side step this". Because of me
    Being transparent - I win the job. Nothing is handed to you - you earn it.

    Today an inspector came to our job in Dunn Loring Va, as I scheduled an inspection. I said to him "do you have many people Pull a permit for this type of work?" He replied "I don't think I've done any of these inspections since I last saw you".

    Not doing work to code can also prevent a home from being sold.

    My apologies if this offends anyone and the moderator. If you're new to building steps - then you're most likely not aware of the building codes. Very important. The only way you can be a pro is by working like a pro.
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  10. zedosix

    zedosix LawnSite Silver Member
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    Did this one in the fall, had an inspection only because the neighbour was nosy. Its not enforced here at all. Sorry for the lousy picture but you can see that it doesn't look out of place.

    Casey stairs.jpg

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