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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Danielle8517, Jul 6, 2014.

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    Ernesto - since my posts offend you - you can always click on my profile, then click on *user List*, then click on *ignore.....*

    Do you want your job shut down?

    Do you want your client's mother in law to fall down your steps in the ice?

    Do you want to lose a job to a contractor because he is going to follow building codes?

    There are people reading the threads that care about their business and their clients and appreciate advice. you and I are not the only ones here and my posts are intended for the overall audience.

    I stand behind my words. And I stand behind my words because I know they will stay in the backs of minds and will prompt people to do work the right way.

    Quote of the week: "If you want to be a pro you have to do work like a pro".

    Pro's follow building codes.
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    We get a few jobs per year where the owners are adamantly against the installation of handrails. It's their house, their life, their decision. I can't force them to have handrails.

    So what I do is I insert a clause in the contract:
    "Handrails / safety rails to be installed by others"

    By stating "installed by others" takes all the liability and responsibility off my shoulders.

    I realize this is more than the topic creator was seeking. But if you're building steps - the building codes, the liability, and the responsibility all fall on the same plate as the building.
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    If your such a pro, and pros follow building codes. Why would you take on a job where the homeowner doesn't want to follow code? It's your job as a professional to steer them in the right direction. Which means either they put a handrail up or you walk away from the job. Correct? Also your posts will never offend me. After all I am talking to a keyboard puppet.
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    ok guys, PLEASE try to keep to the topic rather then going at each other...yes, opinions, facts, etc. are always welcome, but every post does not have to be accompanied with a shot at each other

    again, thanks, we would appreciate it :waving:
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    You have a lot to learn about business and contracting my friend. You've come to the right place, at least thats a step in the right direction :weightlifter:
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    Hey DVS what about on retaining walls. Can't seem to find anything in my area on code. Working on a three foot wall now that will have a patio on top. Have any pics of something similar with a handrail? Trying to talk homeowner into a rail a good looking picture may help. Thanks
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    In my county anything more then 30" drop off is supposed to have a rail

    Sorry no pictures of something like your describing.

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